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Phsar Leu is Sihanouk Ville town's traditional market where you can buy almost anything from fresh fruits to Casio disco watches. It caters to locals rather than tourists although there are some souvenir stalls and a lot of popular local food.

If you wish to know about Cambodia's religious and historic site in Sihanouk Ville, Wat Leu is the best place to visit. It is located on the Sihanouk Ville Mountain and only 6 kilometers from the provincial town and is one of the 5 main temples in the picturesque port city of Sihanouk Ville. The hilltop Wat Leu also offers wonderful views of the town and islands nearby.

One of the popular pagodas in Sihanouk Ville, Wat Krom is just 3 kilometres from the provincial town. Wat Krom has a unique and beautiful architecture and regarded as Sihanouk Ville’s historical site. Overlooking the ocean, Wat Krom is dedicated to Lok Yeay Mao, a local deity.