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09 May 2014
Friday, 9 May 2014: Following the success of its Indian Food Festival last month, the Sokha Angkor Resort is organising a Chinese Food Fair to coincide with Visak Bochea Day, the King’s Birthday and Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day, from May 13-17.

Masterminded by the hotel’s newly appointed general manager, Jeffrey Sussman, the five-night food fest will involve buffet dinners with a different menu each day for $20++ including a soft drink.

Chinese food fans can look forward to treats such as Hong Kong dim sum, Peking duck and a speciality of China’s Jiangsu province: beggar’s chicken, which is wrapped in lotus-leaves and clay, and baked.

Sussman, who has lived in Beijing and Shanghai during his 25 years in hotels, says the concept will be similar to the Indian Food Festival.

Diners will be able to watch the noodle-pulling process at the Chinese Food Fair. PHOTO SUPPLIED

“There are a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans in Siem Reap who all enjoy Chinese food,” he says. “There’s a large Asian influence. So that’s why we thought last month we did Indian, this month we’re going to focus on Chinese.

“It’s really about enlivening the guests’ senses – the palate of course, but also sight, because one of the key things is that they’ll be making noodles by hand, and that’s going to be a really great experience for the senses.”

Diners will be able to watch noodles being hand-stretched in the open kitchen by Hong Kong chef Dick Wong, the brains behind Emperors of China, and Phnom Penh’s Dim Sum Emperors.

“Chef Wong has a hotel background and he has worked for many luxury hotels,” says Sussman. “He has been in the restaurant business for about 25 years and his focus will be on the Qing dynasty cuisine. So some of the signature dishes will be the beggars chicken, plus of course some of the favourites like Peking duck and then all the various dim sum. There’s roughly about 20 dishes.”

Dinner will be served daily at the Chinese Food Fair between 7pm and 10pm in the Sokha Angkor Resort’s Lotus Restaurant.

By Miranda Glasser
The Phnom Penh Post